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Amy’s Perspective on UBC in Vancouver

My name is Amy, I’m from Shanghai and I graduated from international finance. Before joining this program I did a littleresearch on different websites and also chatted with different people who have joined the program…different programs before. But for me, UBC’s one is more international and avery diversified program. And one thing is very important is that I heard that this is hard program and even will fail people. So this is actually
one big selling point for me, which means that this is not easy program and the entrance level is not very low.

So which means that you can workand study with all the talented people in the same class. I think the professor in Sauder School is really fantastic-
they are willing to talk with you regarding all the programs and besides that they also very committed to this program.

This is apart-time program, this is very perfect program because only take you around 20 months because if it’s too short maybe you cannot learn enough
or if it’s too long may be very time consuming. So 20 months will be really perfect timing, which means that you don’t need to abandon your job and at the same time you can also learn alot during this program. Of course it’s not easy but we love the challenge as MBA.

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