3000 Hits !!!

Well recoveryuniverse.com hit the 3000 mark today. Thanks to everyone for all the support. I have been working hard on the site the last week adding information and formatting the styles of the pages. I have almost reached my limit on the server. I now need to upgrade to 1 gig server so I can continue to offer more information. I never would have guessed that I would have come across so much information to offer people. There seems to be no end. I have also been working hard at contacting other recovery based sites in hopes of getting a link to my page on theirs. This will increase the advertising and hopefully draw more people to the site. I would really like to see some new people visiting the site. If you know a friend in recovery or just want to pass on the message recommend recoveryuniverse.com

Added more content

Well I spent most of the day surfing the net and coming up with some more content for the site that I deemed interesting. I added AA Influences and AA information to the menu with several categories in each. It is really interesting stuff. I hope to continue to add more stuff as I come across it. I also linked to a serenity prayer flash presentation on cybriety.org’s website. Hope someone gets something out of the new content. I found it interesting to see how AA started and learn a little about the key people who helped start it all.

Back from Revisit

I just returned from my revist at Talbott Recovery Camups in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated there in January and I am going to return visit every three months for the first year. I truely owe them my life. What a great feeling to be back there, but I have to admit it was nice to have the option to leave. The two days on campus were emotionally draining. I forgot how intensive that therapy can be. The staff was wonderful as usual and made it a very positive experience for me. Someone while I was down there said “You can’t think your way into sober living, but you can live your way into sober thinking.” This made alot of sense to me but I have a problem accepting it as anything I have ever wanted to do in life has been achievable through knowledge and learning. Addiction is one thing I cannot do alone and cannot think my way out of. That is why I think I stayed out there so long. All and all the visit was a good reminder for me of who I am and what I need to do to stay sober. Thanks again to TRC as I am eternally grateful for their program.

RecoveryUniverse.com New Version Up

This is the new version of recoveryuniverse.com. I am still having some trouble accessing the video chat rooms from netscape. I will continue to work on it as I get time. Some of the text effects did not work in netscape so I redirected those links to pages that are static and will work in netscape. You will still get the most benefit and best visuals using Internet Explorer but all the information is the same with all browsers.If it were only me and a few friends looking at the site I could have just left it as was but once my site shows up on search engines hopefully the range of people that visit this site will increase. Thanks for being patient and I will continue to strive to bring you a good website.

Oh I also added a AA comic (with more to come) and moved around some of the Navigation menu items.

Cool Poem

I was at a meeting last night and right in front of me laying there was a poem and I thought I would share it with you since I liked it so much. Some of you may have heard it but for me it was my first time and I feel in love with it right off the bat. There are so many great things I have heard and learned in AA and this is just one of them.

The Man in the Glass

Making Progress

I started to work on the cross browser compatible version and it is going quicker than I had thought. I had to remap the basic layout of the site and that was most of the code work I had to do. The rest is just cut and paste of old code and changing the styles as I put all the colors and formats in a style sheet. Hopefully within the next week I will have the new version on the web. Hang in there and thanks for all the support. It has been great.

Internet Explorer Only – Sorry !!

Well I am having a very tough time making this site cross browser compatible. My code at this point is almost overwhelming. Now that I have everything in place as far as the site goes I think I might start on rebuilding it from the ground up making sure all along the way that it will work in other borwsers such as Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, etc. This was something I never really anticipated and by the time I did I was wading in a sea of code so deep its hard to make sense of it all. At least we have a version that works and those who wish to visit in the mean time need to either view the site with Internet Explorer or wait until I finish up with the cross browser compatible version. I wouldnt hold my breath though as its hard enough for me to find time to work on the site. I will rebuild it but in my own time. Thanks and sorry for any inconveniences. I really wasnt thinking about the browser compatibility.


I have’nt had alot of time to post in the news section as most of my time now consists of work, meetings, and working on the web site. I have accomplished more on the web site than I have ever intended and almost feel comfortable with it at this point in time. About a month ago I made the mistake of praying for the ability to come up with ideas for the web site and boy did I get it. Everytime I think I am close to done I get more ideas. Recovery is a never ending sea of information. I hope everyone is satisfied with the progress and I promise to continue to work on the web site and maintain the information provided. Have a great easter and if only for a moment try to remember the real reason we celebrate easter and reflect on that.

Site Keeps Growing !!

All is going well. I worked on some of the links in the spirituality section of the navigation menu. I added some good information on meditation, astral projection, and lucid dreams. I have not had a lot of time to work on the site so unfortunately it is not coming along as quick as I had intended. If you guys get a chance start to post some threads in the forums so we can get them going. Also anyone that gets a logitech pro 400 camera the newest drivers are available at the link provided below.

Logitech Pro 4000 Camera Drivers Version-qc841

Video Chat Rooms !!

I have been working on the video chat system and all seems to be working fine. Now we can use these chat rooms to have live meetings and keep up with each other. I got a logitech 4000 pro camera and I am really happy with its performance. It is a little more expensive than most cameras but the video quality is outstanding with the CCD chip. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to get a webcam. Here is a link to the camera from newegg.com but I am sure your local stores should have it in stock. I got mine at office max. Also you do not have to have a camera to join the chat rooms so all are welcome. I am trying to get some other features built into the web site but it takes alot of time. I am happy with the progress thus far and will continue to work hard to deliver a great sobriety website.

camera link