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Recovery Universe VancouverVancouver based health and wellness centre where our specialty is helping people heal from any form of hardship they may have experienced. We pride ourselves in working with residents of Vancouver, BC to help them heal from drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and other health related things not addressed fully by our medical system.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our site! We are proud to finally have a website up and running for this great cause!

This blog will not only be dedicated to what we are doing as an organization, but will also helo serve as an outlet for us to highlight special individuals and businesses in the Vancouver and British Columbia area who are doing spectacular things or helpin gout Recovery Universe in a profound way!

Again, we’d like to whole heartedly thank you for personally checking out our new site/blog and we hope you will return often to see what is new and what special Vancouver events, businesses or individuals we are talking about.

Vancouver Business Supporters:

We’d like to take a couple minutes here and thank our supporters for all their hard work and dedication to this project. Over the past year, we have had enormous support from Vancouver businesses and individuals, including: the Vancouver SPCA, Chris Landry and the City of Vancouver.

In addition to the quick mentions here, we would like to show a video from each of these wonderful supporters!

Vancouver SPCA

Chris Landry, Mortgage Broker with VERICO Paragon Mortgage Group

Check out Chris’ YouTube Channel for more videos: Chris Landry Mortgage - Chris Landry’s YouTube channel is a great place to get information about finding the best mortgage rates, not getting ripped off by the banks and in general ensuring you are completely happy with the mortgage you choose for your new home. You know what people say, a home is often the largest investment a family makes and the right mortgage makes the whole process A LOT easier and stress free. When we discuss a house as a large investment, this is particularly true in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver was recently named the most expensive city in North America, and our real estate is definitely one of the largest factors in this.

Chris Landry was particularly instrumental in our ability to get this website up and running. If it wasn’t for his generous contributions and generosity, the new Recovery Universe Vancouver website would never have come to be! Thank You Chris for all your help!

City of Vancouver

Facelift Advantages and Disadvantages

Facelift Advantages and Disadvantages

Facelift is a procedure done by a plastic surgeon to improve the facial appearance of an individual. It helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and fat that commonly arises from the neck. After getting this procedure, you will immediately feel a young and fresh looking skin on your face.

What are the advantages?

  • Your face will look younger and more beautiful.
  • Your skin will be tighter, have fewer wrinkles, no jowls and less drooping.
  • Scars are minimal due to the fact that they’re being placed in strategic locations which then make these marks barely visible.
  • Does not cause excessive pain on the patient.
  • It is quick and the hospital stay will only range between 12 to 24 hours.
  • Since it’s a common procedure these days then the risks of it going wrong are on a minimal state.

What are the disadvantages?

  • It doesn’t improve skin problems such as marks, spots or grooves.
  • The recovery can be a bit slow and it may cause your face to become swollen and might even have the appearance of swollen eyes and bruises.
  • This procedure can be a bit expensive.
  • The final result won’t appear from two to four months
  • Doesn’t go along with aging so there’s a need to touch up by going under surgery again.
  • Your face does become better but don’t expect to be looking exactly like when you were 20.
  • Risks are often involved like have marks and disfigure in the face.

So before undergoing the facelift procedure, be sure that you know pros and cons. This will ensure that you won’t regret the decision that you made and that you’ll be aware of the consequences if in case something goes wrong.

Gemstones – A Unique Fashion in History

Picture of a Diamond If you love gemstones and what can be done, then we know you must have a group or maybe just a couple that really set your sails. There are so many things you need to think about when deciding on a gemstone such as your overall feeling about it, the look and whether or not it is real or synthetic. Let’s go deeper in to what you want to think about when you are looking to purchase gemstone jewelry.

We all want the best value when buying gemstone jewelry, but that is not all – we must look for authenticity. Some things are easily understood, for example, buying gemstone fashion jewelry means you will not be getting something highly valuable. But the scenario we all want to avoid is being duped into buying something expensive when it actually has little value. Lots of people take possession of jewelry after a passing of someone, or they are given something, and legitimate questions arise about value. Yet, you can easily find reputable jewelers and jewelry appraisers who can provide a trusted evaluation. The people who do this are licensed and accredited, and they have professional reputations to protect. But do keep in mind that there may be a fee for an appraisal, it really depends on who you go with. Coral, especially red coral, has been a highly valued gemstone in many parts of the world for many centuries. In fact, this stone was among the elite of precious gemstones equaling if not surpassing diamonds and rubies. Perhaps part of the reason for it being thought of as a semi-precious gemstone is due to its relative soft quality. There are some beliefs that point to red coral as being able to protect those who wear it. Along with other semi-precious gemstones, red coral is popular with those who work with beads and who make that type of jewelry. The rarest, most valuable variety is blood coral, which comes from the Mediterranean sea. White coral from Japan is also quite popular. To get more info visit Genesis Rare Diamonds today.

You can find jewelry that has been made to serve those who like to wear their birthstone. Birthstone rings, bracelets and other pieces are often bought for the purpose of a gift. It is important to get an idea about the person for whom you may do this, and just determine if you think they will want to have or wear it. So, regardless of the month or person, do not immediately buy this simply because it may not be appreciated. So, you can always find something that will work well. You can rely on those gems that are loved by everyone such as the beautiful diamond.

Obviously you will find a very wide range of appeal and tastes when it comes to gemstones. The body of literature about gems is extensive, and just a little reading will reveal the incredibly wide range of gems to enjoy. In the end, if you are shopping for gemstone jewelry, the most important thing should be what appeals to you.

Amy’s Perspective on UBC in Vancouver

My name is Amy, I’m from Shanghai and I graduated from international finance. Before joining this program I did a littleresearch on different websites and also chatted with different people who have joined the program…different programs before. But for me, UBC’s one is more international and avery diversified program. And one thing is very important is that I heard that this is hard program and even will fail people. So this is actually
one big selling point for me, which means that this is not easy program and the entrance level is not very low.

So which means that you can workand study with all the talented people in the same class. I think the professor in Sauder School is really fantastic-
they are willing to talk with you regarding all the programs and besides that they also very committed to this program.

This is apart-time program, this is very perfect program because only take you around 20 months because if it’s too short maybe you cannot learn enough
or if it’s too long may be very time consuming. So 20 months will be really perfect timing, which means that you don’t need to abandon your job and at the same time you can also learn alot during this program. Of course it’s not easy but we love the challenge as MBA.

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